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From her pre-collection, Chloe has produced recycled glass jewellery and experienced how to melt down and shape the glass. To develop her research further she visited Sweden, where she looked into traditional Swedish glass to further my ideas on shapes, colours and texture. Combining her researching drawings from native cultures and Swedish glass she developed moulds from plaster and flint. The recycled glass she had collected from bars and scraps from window makers was slumped over the mould in a kiln to produce the shape & texture she desired. The glass was also cut to the relevant shape to her design research. To give the pieces richness of native influence she used browns, ambers, reds, greens and blues within each piece that she collated from her initial research.

After producing her glass pieces, Chloe felt she needed to take her research further within deciding on the attachments to make it into jewellery. From looking at fringed brown and netted like textiles within native American & Lapland, she came to look at macramé. This developed into similar objects from rusted metal chains and anchors from the sea, she then chooses to use recycled copper.

Each jewellery piece was backed with recycled copper by electroforming the glass. For necklaces and bracelets, Chloe used copper, browns, naturals colours and macramé natural cotton cord. She would finish these pieces with an adjustable knot or a handmade recycled copper clasp. Her ring blanks are made with left over scraps of copper, sealing all of the copper to prevent colour change.

Throughout her journey Chloe has embraced her passion for culture, travel and sustainability which she has produced wearable jewellery pieces. Chloe knows that her jewellery is something unique in its market; and is already desirable by the public from countless individuals asking to purchase her jewellery.