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I created R J Gibson because I wanted to bring the expressive beauty of embroidery to people who share my love of unique accessories and my belief that fashion can and should respect people, animals and the environment.

From the moment, I began embroidering samplers as a child, through to studying fashion design and then honing my skills in luxury textiles whilst working in London, I have always been fascinated by the transformative properties of embroidery. I love how the simple elements of needle, thread and patience can elevate a plain surface into a feast for the senses. R J Gibson bags and purses are produced with a commitment to high quality design and sensitivity to the environment. Using eco-synthetic leather and woven fabrics, each bag distinctively beautiful and is produced with considered, sustainable methods and materials. The first, limited edition collection of five designs, is a bold statement in colour, detail and ingenuity, which respects hand craftsmanship as well as contemporary technology. With a commitment to traditional European craftsmanship and the communities that depend on it, all of our bags are produced by independent manufacturers in the UK and Germany, with design and hand finishing in Birmingham.