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Harriet Eccleston
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ENTWINED is inspired by the lives of her family. It captures family life and childhood memories. Photographs of everyday life, postcards and garments from the menswear shop her Great Grandfather owned in the early 1900s influenced the choice of fabrics and silhouette. Timeless knitting techniques inspired a 3-tone colour palette and contemporary pattern-cut effect whilst feelings of safety, comfort and security interlock with the well-crafted and refined ideals of the 1900s. The use of modern fabrics and finishes in a way that is reminiscent of the past, links it to the present.   Work placements at Paul Smith, All Saints and Palmer//Harding gave her an understanding of the fashion industry. A variety of experiences from Fashion Week to production dockets, pattern cutting to photoshoots showed how a successful fashion business is run.   Harriet aims to set up her own fashion brand creating original and unique pieces, inspired by British heritage, real people and their day to day lives for the independent, modern woman. She plans to source fabrics and produce garments in the UK and will work towards encouraging other young creatives to develop and build their business, contributing to a vibrant UK fashion sector.