Dionne Reeves

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After graduating from Birmingham City University, Dionne was approached by Disorder Magazine to feature one of her outfits from her graduate collection, this was a turning point for Dionne Reeves as she went on to further her studies by take part in a bespoke tailoring course at Newham College in East London, which lead her to make valuable contacts on Savile Row.   After months of work experience in ​2010​ she secured an apprenticeship with Huntsman & Sons one of the most renowned companies on Savile row. Dionne worked at Huntsman for 7 years throughout that time she gained the opportunity to take part in the Golden Shears competition and was placed second winning the Silver Shears awards 2015 for her military frock coat and overalls outfit.   Motivated by Laamb wrestling an ancient West African sport and the positivity it brings Dionne has infused different aspects of the cultural colours worn by the wrestlers into her fabric. She has sought to incorporated the energy and vibrancy of the game together with the masculinity and strength of the sport into her designs.   The silhouettes are contemporary casual smart which are simple shapes which doesn’t leave men feeling restricted in their clothes with tailored aspects and using the knowledge she has learnt from tailoring to give a high-quality finish to the garments. The colours are very vibrant against the natural settings and incorporates red, orange to cream. While her check fabric is made up of wool and organza the organza lines give a sheer effect. The collection consists of natural fabrics from wool, cotton, silk using different weights keeping most fabrics light and breathable.