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Aurelia Czech
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Inspired by her favourite designer - Martin Margiela, Aurelia decided to explore the world of deconstruction as she find it extremely clever and interesting to invent new garments by misplacing and swapping pieces where they don't belong.

Taking clothes apart and playing around with them is not only fun, but also provides endless possibilities and ideas. That’s how she came up with the concept of her collection – She took halves of garments and placed them on top of other clothes.

In order to connect new components with old ones she used eyelets and carabiners which allow her to swap reversible panels from front to back, but also to take them off and put back or on top of another garment. The multifunctionality is her favourite part of this collection as it makes it even more interesting. A recent graduate from Coventry University her plan is to find employment as a womenswear designer.